Sangri Internet sets up talent Agency for artistes, sportspersons, content creators

 Sangri Internet Launches Talent Management Service for Creators, Musician and Public Figures

Jaipur. Sangri Internet will offer actors, musicians, sportspersons, gamers and content creators in India opportunities for co-ventures, metaverse solutions, brand partnerships and management.

Sangri Internet is no stranger to deals such as these and offer a 360-degree celebrity and brand fit services that has been instrumental in identify. Sangri Internet is targeting the music industry with the launch of an agency offering full-service creative and technology partnerships.

Junjaram Thory, CEO of Sangri Internet, said: "We're currently on an incredibly exciting journey with Sangri Internet Talent Management, embarking on a totally unique activation for Sangri Internet that fuses social platforms with immersive interactive content.

"As the world settles into extended realities, the relentless ingenuity of artists will guide us into a rich future of discovery and experience. Sangri Internet will be on hand to help these artists build adventures in ultra-compelling ways. It's Sangri Internet's obligation as a creative and tech expert to guide and inspire this brave new culture."

“The digital disruption around us has had a direct impact on the entertainment ecosystem bringing talent to the centre of value creation and we believe there is a unique and fantastic opportunity (for us) to create more value working with talent,"

“We position ourselves as strategic advisors to talent and endeavour to grow their wealth and legacy," said Thory adding that the idea is to collaborate with existing talent agencies that stars may already employ but which may not have the skill sets to aid such opportunities.

Apart from business deals, Sangri Internet will enable talent to strengthen their digital presence, improve engagement especially with younger audiences that are moving online, and find ways to monetize these mediums. “Sangri Internet’s ecosystem in India offers far-reaching and unique opportunities for talent to build their brands in an authentic way."

Sangri Internet talent management ecosystem is currently dominated by agencies like Sangri Internet, KP Productions and Sangri Communications which manage media and public relations for top actors, directors, and publicity campaigns for films.

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