News web portal of 'Mahat News' will focus on issues that directly affect people



Desk Report : The Hindi news web portal of 'Mahat' 'Mahat News' started broadcasting on Friday i.e. 15 October 2021 from Vijayadashami Dussehra. The network said on Friday that the tag line is 'Janta Ke Mudde, Janata Ki Awaaz'. The network says that such news will focus on issues that directly affect people. Every issue from village to Delhi will be taken care of on priority. According to the network, it will present several special programs on News India's YouTube channel including 'politices', 'Agriculture', 'business', 'Education', Culture and Religion.

“We believe that news has the power to create an impact for the betterment and change in society. On 'Mahat News', we will present news that inspires change." Mahat group and digi talk media said that in the coming time we will work in electronic media also, we are going to bring print media and religious channels soon. 

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