Shruti Buch as Newly Crowned Mrs Jamnagar 2023 organised by Forever Star India


It’s pouring love, blessings and wishes for the newly crowned Forever Mrs India Shruti Buch who became Mrs Jamnagar (G-1). After being crowned at the City finale of 3rd Season of Forever Mrs India, she is all set for the Grand Finale of Forever Mrs India which is going to take place in September in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Shruti’s journey to the City crown has been nothing short of remarkable. Throughout the Talent rounds, she showcased her exceptional qualities, radiant personality, and dedication to making a positive impact in her community. With each step she took, Shruti left an indelible mark, capturing the hearts of judges, fellow contestants, and the audience alike. The Forever Mrs India pageant celebrates the essence of womanhood, emphasizing inner beauty, strength, and empowerment globally as this no longer a national platform but went overseas in short span of time. Forever Star India has already organised 2 Successful seasons previously. The Grand finale of 3rd season is going to take place from 22nd September - 24th September 2023, in Marriott Hotel, Jaipur, Rajasthan. 

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